Risk Management

Overhead too high? Not in touch with your financials? Drowning in paperwork? Are you making decisions or responding to fires? Lost on how to find the time?

With business, the one area that is critical to your business is your accounting department. This is the driving force behind the life of your business. At times, this cost can seem not to justify the line item on your financials and besides, ‘you (or your family member) can handle this”. You may be able to, but should you?  What seems like a money saving tool can actually cost you dearly. With canned software readily available it may seem like a great idea to just DIY the bloodline of your business…please don’t! These options may seem like great money saving choices, but it really could just cost you in huge profits. There is a solution, Virtual Full service CFO at a fraction of the cost. The option to have a non-staffed, vested virtual CFO can cut the cost and more than pay for itself in time, payroll and overhead with all of the same benefits plus many more. Having the ability to step back and see your financials as a management tool rather than a time consuming nightmare adds a tremendous amount of growth opportunities that will more than pay for itself. Having the ability to work with and rely on a vested ‘partner’, such as myself, to review, prepare and analyze your business at a fraction of a fulltime staffed CFO is a great value add. As a vested business partner, I love being able to present to you opportunities to make business decisions PRIOR rather than putting out fires AFTER.

  • Accounting Services for small business
  • Full-charge Bookkeeping
  • Budgeting
  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Auditing
  • Financial Proposals and Projections
  • Profit and Gross Specialist
  • Full Service Accounting Services
  • Performance Management
  • Tax Planning

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