IRS Resolutions

Letters for the IRS? Tax Debt? Liens? Threats from the IRS? Ignoring your problems with the IRS?

What do you do when you get a letter from the IRS? Do you panic? Do you know what to do? Who do you call? Or do you ignore it? Please do not push pause, place your head in the sand but reach out to someone, like myself, to help you out. They can threaten your financial affairs, liens and levy’s on your accounts and assets and simply cause ruin, just by not responding. These letters come in duplicate and can seem far greater than they actually are at times. I can help you sort through the concerns and help you to resolve these matters. At times, it’s just a matter of knowing your rights and options. In most cases, the IRS ask questions first, then when not responded to, they proceed, let me help you resolve this matter early, it’s a much better time.

In any business, there are concerns that arise when taking a closer look at your financials. Maybe your sales are up, customer base higher, yet you are not seeing that reflected in your bottom line, there may be a different problem. Unless you are intimately involved in creating the financials WITH an accounting background, it may be best to seek an expert, like myself to address this matter and help to resolve the problem and “stop the bleed” quickly and effectively.

  • Tax Debt Settlement and Negotiations
  • Year End Business/Account Cleanup
  • Find concerns within business financials
  • IRS Audit Support

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